Here you can find interesting news about changes on this website.

November 14th, 2007
We've added the Damenchor Frohsinn - Los Angeles to our website. You'll find informationen about the choir at the left side of the website under the heading "Deutsche Vereine/German Clubs" as well as under the heading of "Veranstaltungen/Events". You can find there contact-information and a link to the website of the choir.

August 13th, 2007
We got the permission from the California Staats-Zeitung, to post the articles about the memorial for Wolfgang Schneider at the LA Soccer Club on our website. You can find it in the heading Press Release and there under California Staats-Zeitung.

June 05th, 2007
Hartmut Galleisky of the "German-American Heritage Foundation" asked us, to post a News Bulletin on the website. You can find it in the heading Nationwide Organisations and there under German-American Heritage Foundation.

February 02nd, 2007
Pastor Thomas Hildebrandt of the German Church "Christuskirche", asked us, to post the Gemeindebrief of the church with many interesting informations about the events of the church on the website. You can find the Gemeindebrief under Kirchen/Churches and there under German Church "Christuskirche.

January 31st, 2007
Wendel Zeller gave us Informationen about an event of the St. Stephan's Kirche, which we posted on the website for you. You can find the information under Kirchen/Churches and there under St. Stephan's Kirche.

January 05th, 2007
We're happy to tell you, that Wolfgang is back after his serious sickness. Unfortunately Wolfgang wouldn't be able healthwise, to continue the shows on Wednesday and Friday. We ask for your understanding. If things would change in the future, we will give an advance notice.

December 24th, 2006
We are pleased to announce, that we added today informationen about and a link to the website of the Alpine Village Kickers.

December 07th, 2006
From today on we can provide not only the Swabians among you with a link to the radio program of the Südwestdeutscher Rundfunk from Stuttgart, which also offers German Schlager. You'll find the radio station on the left side of this page under the heading of "German Radio in Amerika". Simply search for the station SWR 4 and enjoy the program but don't forget to listen to Wolfgang's show!

November 30th, 2006
We're pleased to announce, that we are able to add under the new heading of "Kirchen/Churches" informations about and links to the website of the 1st German United Methodist Church “Christuskirche” a.k.a. German Church. Please note especially the information about their regular service and their upcoming event.

November 15th, 2006
Today we've added a new heading called "Press Release". Here you can read Presseinformations about or from the German-American Clubs and their nationwide organisatons. Since today you'll find there a report of Hartmut Galleisky about the "2006 Annual Council of 1000 Meeting of the United German-American Committee, ak German-American Heritage Foundation in Washington, DC, on Nov.4/06 in Cape Coral in Florida USA".

November 06th, 2006
For the German South Bay Club we've added 3 events today under the heading of "Veranstaltungen/Events" ("Carnivalopening Party", Clubmember Christmasparty and "New Years Party"). Please refer there for details and support all clubs in their efforts!

November 05th, 2006
Today we've added 2 Events of the LA Soccer Club unter the heading of "Veranstaltungen/Events" ("Anniversary Dance" and "New Years Eve Gala"). Please refer there for details and support all clubs in their efforts!

November 01st, 2006
Today we start a new feature on this website. In the listing on the left side you find you'll find the heading of Forum. Here you can give the visitors of the website or us informations, offer something you like to sell or search for a special item, you like to buy.

We hope you understand, that we'll check every new entry, before it will be added to the forum. This way we like to make sure, that this forum stays "clean".

October 25th, 2006
Please note a time-chance for the American Continental Hours. From November 05th, 2006 the Sunday-Show will start 1 Hour later. The new showtime will be starting November 05th, 2006 every Sunday from 11.00-02.00 p.m. Pacific Time. On October 29th, 2006 the show will be for the last time on the old schedule from 10.00-01.00 p.m. Pacific Time.

October 24th, 2006
We are pleased to announce, that we can offer you a link to the German-American Heritage Foundation under the heading of "Nationwide Organisations" an suggest, that you inform yourself about their important work for the german-american heritage.

October 21st, 2006
Another very important additon is the DAV - Deutsch-Amerikanische Verband / GAL - German-American League, Inc. Ltd. Information about this very important organisation for the german-american interests you'll find under the heading of "Nationwide Organisations/German-American League"

October 21st, 2006
We also added new events of the german-american clubs under the heading of "Veranstaltungen/Events". Please visit this column regularly, to avoid missing any of these important events.

October 16th, 2006
We added a new radiostation under the heading of "German/Austrian/Swiss Radio Stations" (in the column left of this information), that plays German Schlager etc. 24/7. The name of this Internet Radiostation is "German HITRadio USA". Hope you'll enjoy it.

But don't take this as an excuse for missing Wolfgang Schneider's Shows.