Wolfgang Schneider

Every Saturday, the airwaves have a very different accent. Transmitted in German and English, The American Continental Hours brings you music from all over Europe, from polkas and operettas to contemporary German ballads. Host Wolfgang Schneider originated the show on KCSN 30 years ago, and it's still going strong. Filled with old-world charm, it's a taste of the old country you can't get anywhere else, like that favorite dish your grandmother used to make. A must for music lovers, it's also required listening for soccer fans because Wolfgang gives his audience the soccer scores from around the world. The American Continental Hours is a Southland tradition - and as American as apple strudel. Wolfgang Schneider As host of The American Continental Hours, Wolfgang Schneider has entertained and informed his loyal KCSN audience for three decades.

He volunteers his time every Saturday to bring his listeners music from all over Europe, and his service has not gone unnoticed by the Southland community or his homeland. He is the recipient of many awards, including for Outstanding Volunteer Service from the Human Relations Commission of Los Angeles, the Los Angeles Certificate of Commendation, and the Friendship Award given by the German Embassy in Washington, D.C. In addition, he was awarded The Order of Merit, one of the highest awards given by the German Federal Republic. Wolfgang is also a sports editor for the California Staats-Zeitung, a German-American newspaper, and a pioneer of the Youth Soccer Exchange Program between the U.S. and Germany. His listeners are very familiar with Wolfgang's love of soccer, for he never fails to read soccer scores from around the world. What does Wolfgang make of being a beloved on-air personality? 'I do this for you, ' he says, 'This is your show and I play the music for you out there in radioland because I want you to be happy.' Thank you, Wolfgang.