Information about the GAMGA Gala 2012 in Las Vegas

First, Friday at 3PM we had food-tasting and wine provided by the hotel. It was the food they want to make for us at the Gamga Gala.

The Ballroom is something we have not seen before at any Gamga Gala - 20’ high 124’ x 124’, no posts in the way, nice stage, more video screens, better sound. We are really looking forward to have an event in this ballroom.

We were promised to get two bars inside, two bars in the hallway, foodstand in the hallway. The Hallway 30’ x 132’. If nobody else is there, we get a 2nd hallway, 30’ x 137’.

At night we had the chance to test one of the suites (they don't have that many!) and celebrated the 50th anniversary of a Schuetzen from Anaheim.

Saturday afternoon Lishey Johnson, the Texas Station Group Sales Manager, took us by limousine to tour the Sana Fe station and Fiesta station. All hotels definitely meet our expectations.
(By the way- All stations have very reasonable prices for their Buffet. The least expensive is the Fiesta, breakfast $5.-, lunch $7,-, dinner $10.-)

Included we send you the preliminary order room reservation information. You will notice that we booked 3 hotels. The main reason is that there will not be enough rooms at the Texas station. The other hotels are not that far away and a shuttle service will be provided between the hotels. Make sure your members receive this information. The deadline to get the negotiated room rates is December 12 (please note the room rates include fees and taxes!!)

If you have any questions or suggestions, please let us know.

I hope you'll enjoy the (Karneval free) summer and get ready for a remarkable Karneval season starting on 11/11/11 at 11:11!!!!

Walter Lubke

PS: Please forward this non-classified information to your club members, relatives and friends.

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